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i have a problem with my eyefinity setup.. i recently changed one of my monitors to a asus mw221u lcd widescreen and when i have it setup as a single display i have no problems and yet when i have it combined with my 2 vusys 19" monitors in eyefinity it displays a picture fine with the desktop across all 3 but has a blue box with 'out of range' displayed in the middle.. i have tried lowering the resolution and refresh rate to 60hz but no matter what settings i have it at it still displays the out of range message with the desktop displayed.. i have the asus connected vis the display port with active adapter and the 2 vusys via dvi connectors... i have 2 asus hd5770 cards connected in crossfire with all the latest drivers installed and running win7 .. help please i dont want to have to drop down to 1 monitor after all the joys of eyefinity widescreen

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  1. I don't know to much on the eyefinity thing because I like nVidia card and the SLI. But this is a sticky on here maybe it will help or not. It is betten than not. Good luck to you on your efforts.

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