Is CORSAIR Enthusiast Series TX850 a good power supply?

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  1. The TX series it solid.
  2. What about 12v rail? I don't think it has one.

    cranked said:
    The TX series it solid.
  3. corsair is an excellent brand.
  4. All power supplies have a 12v rail.

    The Corsair 850TXV2 is made by Seasonic and is an excellent power supply. It has a single 70 amp 12v rail.

    The unit scores a 9.5+ recommended buy from jonnyguru.
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    asalikus said:
    What about 12v rail? I don't think it has one.

    According to the description here: it puts out 70amps on the +12v rail. All powersupplies have to have a 12v rail. Thats what powers your DVD drive and your hard drive, along with other things. If the power supply had no 12 volt output the pc wouldnt run at all.
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