Is this comp easily upgradable?

Here are my specs;

motherboard= ASUS P8P67PRo Rev3.1
processor= Intel Core i7-2600K CPU @ 3.40GHz, 3401 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 8 Logical Processor(s)
GPU= nvidia geforce gtx 570
RAM= 8gb (2x4gb corsair)
ssd= plextor px-128m2s
hdd= name was funky looking in the device manager so who cares its just for storage not games, 1.36terrabite

I was planning on adding some more ram from corsair, but have the main 2 slots of ram switched to 16gb (2x8gb) and put thhe other ones in the 3rd and 4th slot. Could SLI another gtx570 in, but thats fairly expensive and idk how much improvment it will get from it.
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  1. If you are trying to improve gaming performance you wont get that by adding more RAM
  2. The only thing you could do that would significantly improve performance is to add another GPU (or go with a bigger one). Everything else is about as good as you can get for a reasonable build. Better post your power supply's specs before you add another GPU, though.

    What are you looking to improve, by the way? That machine ought to be more than enough for any game on the market today, unless you're using 3 monitors or something. Don't spend hundreds of dollars on overkill if the improvements aren't even going to be visible to the naked eye.
  3. The power supply is 750w

    I agree i shouldnt senselessly spend a ton of money, theres only one thing thats bothering me; my grafixs card is starting to get really hot if i game all day long, and thats not good. would getting a second one and sli'ing them help with that, and is there any other methods i could incororate? the case itself has 4 fans already built in
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