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Hey guys what is the best case to buy for under $60 on or, the case must be compatible with a Micro-ATX motherboard, have REALLY good airflow and ventilation as I will be using it for gaming, and last it must have at least 3 fan placement spots (Preferably more) I have two 180mm fans and one 80mm.
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    this case is really good and it has 3 fans already installed on the top, side and front and there are also 2 side fan slots. great airflow and great price
  2. Unless you have a super powerful video card (GTX 580s or stronger) or multiple video cards I wouldn't be too particularly concerned about how good the case is for airflow, no you don't want a toaster oven style case, but at the same time its pretty hard to screw up ventilation for even moderately high-end video cards on cheaper cases.

    Having said that, coper's suggestion on the Rosewill challenger isn't bad. Cases area very personal thing but heres a few you might like as well:
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