First timer: Amd build

I am building a computer for a friend. I'm also a 1st time builder and i want to make sure i'm not over looking any thing and that this is a decent working build.
Feel free to make suggestions but nothing Nvidea please I'v had bad experiences with them. :non:

The case and psu have already been purchased.The psu could be returned if needed. Everything is being bought from Amazon btw. :D

The build:
Amd Fx 8120
Gigabyte GA-990fxa-ud3
coolermaster 212+
Corsair Vengance 8gb (2x4gb) 1600mhz (plan on adding another kit later)
Crucial M4 128gb ssd (with ahci mode enabled)
Western Digital 1TB Caviar Blue sata 3 7200rpm 32mb cache
Cooler master 430 elite case
Asus 24x dvd burner reader
4 120mm blue LED coolermaster fans
Corsair cx600 psu
Windows 7 home premium
Nzxt blue 2 meter LED kit

Sapphire 6870 or XFX 6870 2gb cant decide.

Also need a 120 x 15mm fan for the side but i cant find any.

He wants to have a 3 monitor setup.
The only game he really plays is Warcraft. Sometimes World of Tanks.

I would like to do crossfire. Some sites say the psu can handle it some say it cant. I was kinda planning on adding a 6850.

p.s. NOISE IS NO ISSUE. simply we don't care if it sounds like a freight train
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  1. That all should work

    Id use a regular 6870 . The extra RAM on the 2 gig model isnt worth it . Theoretically you could crossfire two 6870's on a 600 watt psu but that would depend on how strong the 12 volt rail are
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