Will gtx 660/670 bottleneck i5 2500k?

will these cards bottleneck my cpu
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  1. No. The 660/670 is nicely balanced against the 2500k
  2. n best mobo complatible for 2500k n gtx 670
  3. kk thnx
  4. A 2500k could handle 2 670s if you want, so no problems with bottlenecking

    An ASUS Pro Z77 board is great. The ASRock and Gigabyte offering are worth a look to. There are quite a few to choose from. I will not single one out as I do not know your particular needs i.e wi-fi? Future SLI? heavy OC? lots of SATA?

    Decide on what your needs are then find a board which matches it for a good price.
  5. i just want sli n overclocking maybe
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    Yeah, this setup is perfect for SLI and overclocking. Just pick 670s such as the MSI Power Edition if you really want to overclock. Have fun.
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  8. thnxxx
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