GTX 580 phantom or 680 phantom

Hi guyz,
is it worth it in the long run to upgrade my video card?
I wana get of course the latest phantom model but it will be close to 600 euros when it arrives in europe. Should i go for the 570 or the 580 phantom?
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  1. both cards have the same lunch date price so I would wait and get the 680
  2. I've found upgrading the video card is always not a bad idea. If you you are buying higher end cards, there will always be a buyer for your used equipment when you upgrade again.

    I'm a little confused, though. The title of your post says 580 or 680, though the info you posted says 570 or 580?
  3. yes..gainward has the phantom line that look cool and have low temp and tsatrt with gtx 600/600 ti/570/580 ... right now i have a 4850 from assus..that way i asked should i buy the new high end ans spend sheat loads of money or but the next best thing 570 or 580 phantom from gaynward ;)
  4. wait a bit, 580 will be cheaper soon, so you dont have to spend mountains of money. 580 stills a moster video card vs 4850. When you go with the last tech you always have to pay more.
  5. yes i thought about it but still i don't upgrade the computer every day.. i make once every 4-5 years an update.Right now i will go to ivory bridge from amd phenom 2. that sead i need advice only for the video card..should i go with high end so it keeps me with no upgrade for the next 4-5 years or the gtx 580 will be ok
  6. The 680 is gonna be best for Long term build. unless you get a 3GB 580. the GTX 680 is a better option at this point. What CPU do you have?, i need to know if its a bottleneck
  7. i will propably buy the new i5 ivory bridge k .. will have same price as the current i5 2500k one....Gainward GeForce GTX 580 Phantom 3GB DDR5 384-bit and the new GTX 680 is only 100$ difference in my country..Romania :) ... but until intel moves he's ass and comes with the new ivory bridge i will keep the money
  8. @ alvin is you're ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 it worth buying the new version z77 extreme 4 gen 3?
  9. The title of this thread and his post are two different questions.....
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