What is the best mobo to get with an i5-3570k?

Hi guys im looking for some advice on a mobo to get for my i5-3570k. I understand i will need a z77 board and was looking to spend no more than really £100, (i dont mind spending a little extra for a good bank for the buck.) i have heard ASrock onces are supposed to be a good brand

I will only be using 1 GPU so don't need any sli or crossfire
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  1. ASRock Extreme 4 is really good and it's £110. I have it, and it's great, and has great features.
  2. can i get any more recommendations :) i might go with the asrock extreme 4
  3. ASUS P8Z77-V LK seems to be a favorite amongst some people on this forum, however, it has a skimpier power phase design compared to the ASRock Extreme 4, so I tend to stay away from it considering the price is so closed to each other :)
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