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Hey. i hope you can help me in some degree.

i recently bought 2x syncmaster S24B350H screens, and plugged em into my pc, and when i run with em, the screen flashes black quite often, could this be a power problem, or should i reset the CMOS?
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  1. when flashing does it turn off?
    check your power and video cables
  2. i do turn off, and my power is ok, since i'm an electrician. :D lol
    but i dont know if it could be the adapter from dvi to hdim
  3. I would start by updating the video driver. What kind of video card does the computer have?

    It could be the refresh rate. Right click on the desktop and hit personalize, then display, then screen resolution.
    Click on monitor 1 in the top and hit advanced then hit monitor. Check that the refresh rate is 60hz. Then check again for monitor 2.
  4. it's a GTX 260 and the latest drivers, and both the refresh rates are at 60
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