Cheapest psu that can run my rig

cpu- amd 965---plan to oc
gpu--- evga gtx 4602win

I would like to know what is the cheapest psu that I can use to run this rig, When I say cheap I mean a good brand lower priced psu, I do not plan to update this rig ever so I do not need wiggle room.
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  1. Corsair 650TX V2
    Seasonic made, 53 amps 12V power, 80Plus bronze, 5 yr warranty
  2. ^^

    Not enough for 2 460's!
    You'd need a 650W with 2 6 Pin PCIE connectors.
  3. Power Consumption and Temperatures

    Testing of power consumption is pretty important when looking at higher end graphics cards like these. In fact, EVGA recommends on their website that users of the GTX 460 2WIN card have a minimum of a 700 watt power supply with at least 46 amps of power on the +12v rail. Those are pretty steep requirements so let's see how our real-world power consumption turned out.

    Uploaded with Idle power results show that the GTX 460 2WIN does use about 10 watts more than the GTX 580 and under a full gaming load it uses as much as 63 watts more power as well. That is significant difference considering how much more power hungry the GTX 580 is compared to the HD 6970 and even NVIDIA's own GTX 570. Obviously the power consumption of the 2WIN card is going to be a slight hit on its overall reputation and the performance of the card seems a bit less impressive in this light as well.

    Uploaded with Temperatures on the EVGA GTX 460 2WIN were also higher than any of the other cards in our testing today getting as hot as 85c during Metro 2033. While this is high, it isn't a huge concern as it is well within the limits of the GPU and board design. Noise levels weren't considerably higher than any other GPU tested either, which is good news. Source:
  4. That works ;)
  5. amuffin said:

    Not enough for 2 460's!
    You'd need a 650W with 2 6 Pin PCIE connectors.

    This should would shouldnt it?
  6. amuffin said:
    That works ;)

    Can we confirm that this will work?
  7. Yep!

    Look at the charts cyco posted^^

    Entire system power load, in the review they used components that use much more power than your rig!
  8. Yes it works what kind of confirm are you looking for did you look at the carts i posted ? I don't own the same set up so how else do you suppose we confirm it?
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