HD 7870 not working as i expected?

Hi so i got my gigabyte OC'd HD 7870 yesterday and played some GTA 4. I am still mnot able to pass 1gb in memory for gta 4 without dropping to -20 fps. I have 2gb of VRAM yet it wont let me use half of it without lagging hard? I have all the atest drivers and everything. I am able to play Skyrim on ULTRA settings hitting 70+ fps. Is gta 4 really that big?
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  1. Upgrade it, i think the game is locked at 1gb at the first versions, also there are some mods that allow you to overpass that limit even if you have less than 1gb check for thosse mods.
  2. I'm sorry but upgrade what? my gta version or my drivers?
  3. rvdman306 said:
    I'm sorry but upgrade what? my gta version or my drivers?

    i also edited my post xD

    GTA version, drivers use the latest ones..
  4. Ok sorry i just woke up running a bit slow haha :P
  5. try using i am using those with good frames and great frames with SLi 560 ti
  6. Wouldn't that be downgrading? I have Although i found a update for the Episodes of liberty city so i'm downloading that
  7. If you don't mind my asking, how is your 7870 behaving? I'm seriously considering the Gigabyte one, would like to hear from someone who actually bought it rather than read more reviews.
  8. Whats the rest of the system like?
  9. Hi freddy so far its working amazing. Very low temps, very very quiet even while running skyrim on ultra settings. Every single game i play(except gta4) runs flawlessly on max settings. I'm downloading BF3 now so i shall update once that ios finished. I'm no expert but this card is pretty good. If you're gonna go with the 7870 get either gigabyte or saphire. Dont forget i just got this card yesterday so i'm still doing tests and whatnot.
    @4745454b my system specs are
    PSU is 650W if that matters. Any other info you may need let me know.
    @ricardois I tried the availiblevidmem2.0 or whatever and its working but still whenever i hit 30-40 FPS it lags pretty bad... On my gtx 285 i wouldnt screen lag until i hit -30. Then again i have the view distance up ALOT more compared to before. Still sitting below 1gb though.
  10. Also why does cpu-z say -2048 memory for my card? o.o
  11. rvdman306 said:
    Also why does cpu-z say -2048 memory for my card? o.o

    if it says you have 2gb isn't it ok?

    maybe the cpu-z don't recognize it properly, never personally tested it. make sure you have latest video drivers installed also.
  12. ricardois said:
    if it says you have 2gb isn't it ok?

    Well GTA4 says i have 2gb but i cant go over 1gb without lagging. and if you're talking about cpu-z i said it says -2gb.
  13. A sorry i tough in gta you just could go with 1gb, gta iv is really a very demanding game (bad implemented).

    The cpu-z the -2gb is strange "-" but maybe it is normal on those amd cards.
  14. Mine also says -2048mb, but it doesn't really recognize my card, it just says 7800 series, no info. Dunno if it's too new or what, you're fine.
  15. probably too new for the CPU-z, maybe they will upgrade CPU-z to detect those cards.
  16. Ok thanks. My pc sadly just crashed for the 1st time but gta is working decent now at 40 fps.
  17. Use GPUZ to check card info.

    And yeah GTA 4 is not really built right for PCs. All kinds of issues. I've heard of people with really top end rigs not being able to play it at the highest settings. It's not a hardware issue, it's the game itself.

    You'll just have to try to find the perfect settings for you. I'm sure some forum somewhere has all the info you need.
  18. Thank you. I have been playing bulletstorm and i get 50-60 fps on average and sometimes 30-40. Skyrim is 60-70 avg and 40-50 low. Gonna test BF3 soon to see just how good this card is.
  19. Thanks for your opinion on this specific card, it definitely reinforced my conviction that Gigabyte is the way to go ;) I'm sick of my own XFX 5770 which is loud as sh*t!
    Have you OC'ed your card above the factory 1100 MHz core clock?
  20. Do you have 32-bit Vista? If so that would explain everything.
  21. @freddy Nope i have not. Too scared to mess with things lol. Just got done playing BF3 for a few hours. 40-70 fps all the time. Not one moment where i lagged :D Turns out gta4 is just all kinds of glitchy weirdness.

    @Proximon Nope i have vista 64-bit
  22. yes gta IV is very problematic, i am able to play it at 50~120 frames (with 120hz display of course) setting everything to max only shadows on high (instead of very high) and view distance to 40 and textures on high (not sure if can really go over that), very playable that way at version with 560ti sli 1GB.
  23. Weird i have 120hz display and it caps my fps at 100. I get 30-50 fps on average on everything max except shadows view distance 40 textures high 1920x1080. Should i downgrade to im at
  24. i was using because of the ice enhancer mod it was recommending the version. that is why i didn't upgraded it.
    so yes try to downgrade and see if you get better frames.
  25. Hmm well shouldn't my 7870 2gb do as well FPS-wise on gta4 as your 560 1gb? I dont know anything about that card i'm just assuming it would. Weird.. Ok didn't see you editted. I shall give it a try :)
  26. With only one yes, but no because i'm using 2x 560 ti (sli), but gta performance is much relative, in a driver version you can get good frames, and in other the frames goes way down, also changing version can change a lot of frames too.
  27. Ooh okay thanks for all the help! :)
  28. just re-entered the game to retest, and no it is not capped running at 120fps on more closed areas. maybe the is capped.
  29. Gonna reinstall with now
  30. So while i was uninstalling gta4 my Catalyst control center stopped working and i couldn't open it anymore. Restarted my pc and still happened. Reinstalled my drivers and catalyst control center and still did not work. Then my firefox said some files had been damaged or something recently so i just system restored my pc to earlier that day and now everything is fine except firefox... I'm not sure what happened and im pretty confused so i'm just gonna leave everything the way it is LMAO. Thanks for all the help man i appreciate it even though i epicly failed bahaha. I'm just gonna enjoy BF3 and all my other pretty games :D
  31. probably that driver version if there are other versions compatible with the 7970 you should try them, also you could try uninstalling and reinstalling video driver, maybe using driver sweeper.
  32. Well so far everything is working fine, but if it happens again i will try your suggestions thanks!
  33. So scratch what i said. BF3 wasn't working so i uninstalled and reinstalled my video driver and now Catalyst control center doesnt work again. I'll try again with driver sweeper. This is laaaame lol might have to system restore again. I'll check for other compatible drivers for my 7870 but coudn't find any before.
  34. that is the main problem with AMD, always drivers problems.
    well this is the last catalyst driver:
    for 64 bits.
  35. Yep thats the one im using 12.3. I'm doing a complete removal of AMD graphics guide that was posted online then i'll reinstall everything and hope it works ! Also i have a nvidia file that uses physX for bulletstorm and its the only way i can play it. Can/will it conflict with my amd drivers?
  36. i don't think so but if nothing more works, i would try removing it also ^^
  37. uninstall your AMD drivers and then run driver sweeper to clean them right out. Installing after that will work.
  38. I couldn't find a driver sweeper so i did a guide to do it the manual way and it works now. Just reinstalling firefox and i shall test out bf3 again.
  39. So bf3 does not work. It is stuck at joining a server screen. Looked online for some answers but nothing has worked :( gonna restart my pc and try some more stuff.
  40. is this is every game or just BF3? maybe it is a game related problem not video card/drivers.

    here you can download if you still need it:

    I'm out of ideas too, maybe soon they release a new Catalyst driver
  41. It's just BF3 so yea im gonna have to reinstall it and see what happens. Not sure what to pick as a best answer since this thread went in so many different directions but its deffinitly from you. Thanks!
  42. SO... Now the list of non-working programs is Firefox, BF3, itunes and games for windows. I think its fair to say its a CPU problem not a gpu problem, correct? I might have to wipe my pc clean again, although its not hard, its time consuming for sure. So much problems recently driving me crazy!
  43. Yeah something you've either changed or installed or whatever has screwed up your computer. I've had weird issues before and sometimes a clean wipe of Win 7 is the only answer. Every time I do that I do it a little different, organize it better, whatever... makes it easier to fix things. Haven't had an issue in a while now fortunately.
  44. Yep i dont mind wiping my pc clean its not the 1st time i've had to do it. Hopefully it will fix all my problems... hopefully.
  45. Ok so i'm on a fresh system with every single windows update that i need.
    Drivers for graphics card, keyboard, mouse, sound and whatever windows update gave me. Am i missing any important driver updates? I'm gonna start reinstalling my games starting with GTA4. I hope i can stop it from auto updating so i can download patch
  46. With regards to drivers, download the latest from AMD not windows update.

    I'd also suggest downloading the most up to date chipset drivers from intel.

    You can use this:

    But my preference is this one:
  47. I Didn't say i got my graphics drivers from windows update. I already installed that through AMD. Thanks though :)
  48. You have a cpu problem. Simple as that. Or Windows is bugging out.
  49. Don't resurrect 7 month old threads please.
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