My first build critque me

This is my first build wanna know if i did good with the items I purchased.
-Case CM 690
-PS Kingwin 750
-MB Asrock m3a770de
-Cpu Athlon x2 2.9 regor OCed to 3.4 ghz
-GPU Crossfired 4870s OCed to 800/1100
-HD Samsung Spintech 320gb
-Drive Asus dvd rw drive basic i kno but Im not watching movies
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  1. I presume that parts like the 4870s were bought used? If you're happy with your system, then you did good. It serves no purpose to make recommendations at this point as you already have all of the parts.
  2. ya they were used im looking for a step up from them though what would be a upgrade not a sidegrade, as for the cpu the same what would be the next step up
  3. It all depends on your budget. Why would you consider upgrading parts that you just bought? That doesn't sound like a good investment.
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