I'm thinking about buying a few new parts for my computer this mainly.
But i was wondering what motherboard would i need with this. And what power supply if I have the AMD FX-8150 and a Radeon HD 6850? I'm new to building so advice would be appreciated.
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  1. Why get the Fx-8150? The i5 is about $40 more and beats the FX-8150. All you'll need is 500w. I'd recommend the ASRock Extreme4 Z77.
  2. The 8150 is not very good compared to other cpus in the price range without extreme overclocking.

    If you are on a budget, the i3 2120 will do fine and not slow down your graphics card. If you want more processing power have a look at the i5 3570k (for overclocking) or the i5 3470 (no overclocking).

    As for power supply

    The 6850 is a good card for the cost. However, if you have cash to spare have a look at current cards such as the 7770 or the 7850.
  3. The 7770 would be sidegrade from the 6850. If you want a good upgrade from a 6850, then you'd have to look at the 7850/6870.
  4. True, the 6850 is actually ahead of the 7770, my bad.
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