Razor Electra Mic Issues

Hello guys, recently I have purchased the Razer Electra headset http://cult.razerzone.com/2012/03/20/the-razer-electra-now-available-in-2-awesome-styles/
At first I though this headset would be amazing buy im facing an issue of the microphone not working. The microphone cord is not colour coded so I do not know which slot to plot it into so I took my USB device that I plug that into the usb and plug in the USB that works fine, but the issue I face is that I can hear them... youtube and audio fine but the microphone will not work. This was an issue with my old headset also. If anybody could fix this it would be incredibly appreciated
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  1. do you have the mic volume up or muted?
  2. Their is no microphone volume on the side, its connected on a cord
  3. its not muted or anything
  4. crossfire2437 said:
    its not muted or anything

    I see the headset is using 1 cable for audio and mic so you need a device with 3.5mm audio + mic combined jack to use both.

    The inline microphone will only work if your PC has a single combined audio-out/line-in 3.5mm jack. If your PC does not have such a jack, you will need to purchase a splitter adapter at your local electronics dealer.
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