Switched from i5-750 set up to AMD FX-6200 set up.

Hey everybody. As a newer pc enthusiast, this site has been a savior to me over the last couple years as I venture on pc hardware builds and upgrades, so Thanks a ton.

I recently did a bunch of updates to my old rig, (GTX 550Ti, 8 gig ram, Kingston HyperX SSD, watercooling system). After all this i got a great deal on a GTX 560TI so I picked it up. Then i realized i had everything i would need to make a second system if I got another mobo and cpu. My idea was to get my pc running as amazing as i could with a mid level budget, but also take all the extra parts, and for Christmas this year, give it to my 2 middle sons (7 and 8) in pieces, and i can teach them how to put together a pc. (they love being around when i am "tinkering")

I have always used Asus mobo's (currently have the P7P55 LX) and Intel CPU's (current is 1st gen i5 750 Lynnfield). But my IT friend talked me into the FX AMD series if my main purpose for the rig was to game. I got so many mixed reviews from other friends on this topic (about the same level as discussing republican vs democrat :o), but ended up buying the FX-6200 (6 core 3.8 Ghz) and a ASRock 990FX Extremem4 mobo.

My question(s) is(are) this...

1.) I connected my SSD and HDD, and ran them without re-downloading my Win7. I didnt think about it last night, but since this is a switch from Intel cpu to AMD cpu, did i set myself up for issues?

2.) Today i was playing Diablo 3 on my main monitor and my good friend had a live stream of a music set he was performing that i had running on my other monitor. My computer did a cold "shut down", and I had to flip the switch on my psu off then on to be able to turn on my system again. What are some reasons for this? Now I did have Diablo on max settings, but i run programs on my G510 to monitor CPU lvls (temp/usage) and GPU lvls and everything was perfect. Does this sound like a power issue, a mobo issue, a software issue from my first question confusing the system or a combination of things?
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  1. Sorry to say this, but if your main purpose is to game, the 965 and the i5 are the best choices, but I digress.

    You're not going to have issues.

    It sounds like a power problem. What's your PSU wattage?
  2. 750 Watts
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