They say not the motherboard but needs processor how to fix?

Hello,I have a hp pavilion slimline and took it to geek squad and they told me the motherboard was fried and said same price to fix as to buy new one. I bought the exact same motherboard online and took it back to them and now they say its not the motherboard but the processor? I found a fan with coolingfins for like 12 bucks, that cannot be the processor right? I think it's underneath that but wouldn't the new motherboard have a good processor? When it was dying it was flickering on the screen almost like a fuzzy picture off and on but finally wouldn't come on the screen at all. It powers up the light on top but I cannot hear fan or anything. I think these guys just want to sell a new computer for best buy. What most likely the problem and how much to fix myself? thanks for any kind of help. The new motherboard thats identicle to the one thats in the computer right now Its an HP Irvine -gl6e desktop motherboard MCP73S01 FOXXCONN oem Any advice to point me in the right direction. Maybe buy a generic processor that will fit,I just play fantasy football/no vide gaming. THanks again
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  1. A fan is a fan.
    A CPU is a CPU.
    There is no such thing as 12 bucks CPU.
    This is your motherboard-
    CPU/Processor Socket: 775
    Supports the following processors:
    Intel Core 2 Duo (Wolfsdale core) E8xxx (65W)
    Core 2 Duo E6xxx (Conroe core) up to E6850 (65W)
    Core 2 Duo E4xxx (Conroe core) up to E4400 (65W)
    Pentium E2xxx series (Conroe core) with Dual Core technology up to E2160 (65W)
    Celeron 4xx series (Conroe core) up to Celeron 440 (35W)

    Front-side bus (FSB) 800/1066/1333 MHz
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