Is this an ok fan set-up?

It's really hot where I live (Arizona) so I'm hoping to get the best airflow possible inside of my case (HAF 912).

I'll have the 2 stock fans at the top as exhaust, a megaflow on the front as intake, and a Scythe S-FLEX SFF21E on the rear as exhaust.

I'll be running a i3 2120 coupled with a Sapphire HD 7850 Dual-X 2GB. It's mostly for the new gpu that I'm worried about since my current card, GTX 550 ti, increases the temperature of my case to the point where the side panel gets pretty hot if you touch it despite the GPU not getting above 65c if it doesn't have any dust. I currently own a cheap office case with one exhaust fan so I think I'm better off upgrading to a HAF 912 than buying fans for it.
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  1. Sure, that works perfectly fine.
  2. The case metal actually transfers heat(warmer side to cooler side). Nothing strange with that.

    As long as your temps are fine, you should be just fine.

    65c is quite good for a GPU.
  3. Do you think my issue had more to do with the material of the case being cheap rather than not having enough airflow? The metal is so flimsy that I can't install a 80mm fan on the side panel without it starting to vibrate like crazy.
  4. nukemaster said:
    The case metal actually transfers heat. Nothing strange with that.

    As long as your temps are fine, you should be just fine.

    65c is quite good for a GPU.

    So it's normal for the side panels to get hot?

    Should I just stick with the stock fans (one exhaust and one intake) if I'm not planning to OC or crossfire? I always have the A/C on in my room so ambient temps aren't really an issue.
  5. I am saying that any metal will absorb heat and transfer it from the hotter side(inside) to the cooler side(outside).

    You can use what ever fan config gives you the results you are looking for.

    Just as an example, my Fractal define R2 does not get hot panels because they are insulated(for sound and it also cuts the heat transfer lots). It has 1 140mm and 120 to remove air and 2 x 120 + 140 in.

    My FT03 side panels get warn near the top since heat rises and the case brings air from the bottom to the top. This case only has 1 x 120 in and 1 x 120 out and they are slow(800-1200rpm). Some users would call this case too hot, but I am fine with the temps it gives me for the space savings.

    Better(so to speak) cases with more air flow will not have this kind of issue simply by pushing air/heat out quicker.

    I do not remember feeling any heat on the sides of the Antec 900 :). Then again, it pushes more air then all my other systems combined.
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