What case will fit this motherboard?

this is the mother board i bought ASUS M5A99X Evo - AM3+ - 990X - SATA 6Gbps and USB 3.0 - ATX DDR3 2133 Motherboards but i don't know what case to get. my case right now is to big for my new motherboard. i was looking at this case is look pretty cool and i was going to buy it but i'm not sure will it fit my motherboard. NZXT Crafted Series ATX Full Tower Steel Chassis - Phantom White <----case <-----case <----motherboard

any other case recommendations under 150 dollars would be nice 2 since i didn't but the case yet.
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    That case, as well as any ATX case, will fit that motherboard. I like the black on black version. The white one will show dirt too easily.
  2. thx and thats what i was thinking but the white one is larger so idk.
  3. will the white be better for the motherboard because its bigger or the white black one is fine?
  4. The size of the case is not that important as both fit ATX. You can put a small motherboard in a big case no problem. It is up to you on aesthetics. I prefer black on black personally
  5. so it will fit?
  6. so the NZXT Phantom 410 Mid Tower USB 3.0 Gaming Case - Black will work also?
  7. will the NZXT ca-ph410-g1 Phantom 410 Mid Tower USB 3.0 Gaming Case Gunmetal with Black Trim work also? will my motherboard fit this case? because i think im gonna get this because the black one is really big this one is smaller
  8. Any standard ATX or micro ATX motherboard will fit that case.
  9. when u say that case do u mean NZXT ca-ph410-g1 Phantom 410 Mid Tower USB 3.0 Gaming Case Gunmetal?
  10. yes he does
  11. Thank you devil
  12. k ordered it. TY for everything.
  13. no problem if you have trouble with anything just ask the tomshardware community and your welcome abelk
  14. kk
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