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Hey guys whats going on. So I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to building systems and all the ins and outs of the hardware components - I get the general gist of it but yeah. Basically I live in Australia and have a budget of $1000-1050. This system is intended for pretty much gaming (bf3) and general entertainment and a bit of (rare) video editing with sony vegas for montages etc. Here is what I've come up with so far:

(wil be getting a hdd in the next few weeks, not included in the build ftm)

patriot pyro $118
AsRock z77-Pro4-M $106
Intel i7 3770 $325
2x Patriot Gamer 2 8GB $98
Antec 900 $105
Samsung CD Drive $19
Thermaltake Litepower $64
Sapphire HD 7850 OC $268

1.Is this any good? will I be able to play bf3 on high settings?

2. Should I go with an i5 2500k, save $100 and invest in a Sapphire HD 7870?

3. If so, should I invest $20 more and get the i5 3570k?

Thanks heaps guys, much appreciated.
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  1. Yes to number 2 but go for 3570k because, I wouldn't go with the i7, only because it's "diminishing returns" as Tom's here calls it :P. 3570k gives you PCIe 3.0 (as I do believe a Ivy Bridge is required to "unlock" 3.0) or the 2500k if you want 2.0, however the 3570k is a mere $20 more than the 2500 for future proofing by getting that 3.0

    I recommend Kingston HyperX RAM :P but all personal preference as long as it works, and has a good CAS Latency. On the subject, you have patriot pyro and patriot gamer, I googled the pyro and it says it's also ram? You gonna have two sets of RAM? lol

    Not sure how much that case is but the Corsair 500R is a amazing case especially the air cooling design, and is only $139, and has room at the top for the H100.

    I'd stay away from the Thermaltake Power supply. Go with a Corsair, Antec, or PC Power and Cooling. I have a Thermaltake TR2 600w that I'll be swapping out with a Corsair. Much higher quality, as I'm already having stutter, and lock up problems with the Thermaltake PS that I didn't have before.

    I'd suggest a GTX 560+ if you can afford it though definitely go with the 670+. I always recommend EVGA brand.

    If you can squeeze it in, the Corsair H100 for $100 is one of the best liquid cooling cpu systems you can buy.
  2. Sweet, sounds good then - the 3570k it is!

    Okay, ill look into the RAM then - Sorry didn't specify, the patriot pyro is a 120gb ssd. Sweet Ill change the power supply then. So you don't recommend the HD 7870, will a GTX 560 outdo it?

    Thanks heaps man
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    Lol, no problem =) I'm doing my first build on the 15th. Pay day xD or rather I'm ordering the parts on the 15th, waiting for shipping, then building T_T.

    As for the graphics card, I personally will always prefer Intel over AMD. I will also prefer EVGA over Gigabyte, or any other brand. So it really comes down to whether or not you prefer price/performance, bang/buck, AMD, Intel, etc. All of the cards are very close performance wise regardless.

    I've always had problems with any ATI graphics card, so I no longer use them ^_^;. Haven't had problems with Intel since :P. Now that's not to say ATI isn't good, or anything of the sort. Again, just comes down to personal preference and/or opinion.

    However, according to TH's GPU for the Money May 2012 =,3107.html
    Your bet is as follows
    $350 HD 7870
    $300 HD 7850
    $280 Raden HD 6850 CrossFire
    $260 HD 7850
    $230 560 Ti

    I currently run an EVGA GTX 560 2GB GDDR5, upgrading to a EVGA GTX 670 FTW on the 1st, after ordering the main system components. Which in my opinion is easily one of the best cards on the market, and performs at close to 1000 fps on some benchmark >_> not sure what though...

    Here's a review on the 670 series from EVGA actually,3200-2.html
    The 670 SC can easily outperform the 680 series with a bit of overclocking, and can easily beat the 7 series if you can afford it. It pulls 93.2 fps on Skyrim on 1920x1080 Ultra, w FXAA

    670 FTW i'm getting

    Here are the 2012 charts for VGA's over $350 for Metro 2011 Performance that include the 680 and 7 series from ATI.,2942.html
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