Mother board convertion ddr2 graphics to ddr3 socket

i have bought a msi ddr3 n210 (64bits), but i have a Intel mother board(32bits) with PCI slot, how can i fix it?
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  1. you bought a msi 210 pci-x 2.0 video card

    what is the model of the intel board? even better can you list the specs of your computer the best you can.

  2. If the motherboard only has pci slots then you will either have to retun the video card or upgrade your motherboard. Returning the video card is a better option and less expensive and then all you would have to do is get a pci video card.
  3. Provide a link to the video card you bought.

    Exactly which Intel motherboard model do you have?
  4. well you see it is a Hitachi motherboard and it is very old, so it is difficult to say the motherboard model no but all i can provide you is that it has a intel core to duo processor the ram is 2.5 GB and the power supply is ATX smps 220v
  5. The card that you bought is a pci-e card and will not work on a pci slot. You will have to return the card and get a pci video card.
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