Electrostatic noise coming from Headphones/Speakers

Just built my first computer and it has the Asus P8z77-V mobo. This has the realtech high definition audio built in.

When I have my headphones or 2.1 speaker system plugged in all I hear is a high pitched squeal and when I lift up my mouse it gets quieter, then when I push it down it gets more high pitched. Also makes different noises when I enter different keys.

Please someone tell me how to fix this. It's very annoying lol.

I've tried to research and it seems to be some type of electricity issue but my psu has a 3 prong plug in so it is grounded whether its to the wall, or to a power strip.

Someone please give me some insight.
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  1. Let me clarify I CAN hear audio whether it be in game or playing music. This is noticeable when there is no audio to be heard.
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