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Hi all...Need some advice on sound cards...

Just built a new system:

Intel i5-2500K
8 GB Corsair Vengeance 1600 DDR3 RAM
nVidia Geforce GT520 Silent 2TB Graphics
ASUS P8Z68 Mobo

and I want to avoid using the RealYuk onboard sound, because with ASIO4all installed,
and my DAW open, nothing else works - WMP, vlc, Internet... no sound.

What I need is a soundcard (Preferably NOT Creative - they are nearly as bad as Realyuk!!)
with its own (multi-client) ASIO driver, and a way to turn direct monitoring on/off.
I DON'T need all the rubbish that Creative seem to think I do:-

EAX, Crystallizer, MP3 restorer or whatever.

Anyone got any suggestions?

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  1. were you trying to build a htpc eariler? it looks weird.....

    you should have gotten ivy bridge. plus, the 2gb version of the 520 is the same as 1gb

    now to talk about the sound card. the asus DX 7.1 card is really good. there are lower versions of the DX and they are about the same.

    if you are really serious about sound get the asus essence ST or STX. they are audiophile class
  2. Thanks for replying: what's a htpc?

    Anyways the sound card. I want it for
    a) recording my electric guitar and my voice (?) into a Sequencer - using Audacity at the moment, looking to go to Sonar X1 when I've got all sorted

    b) playing back recorded music from the above plus vsts

    c) general use.

    It appears I need a way of enabling/disabling Direct Monitoring to achieve both Mic and Guitar recording.

    Should I just go straight for the Audiophile 2496?

    Sorry I've been so long replying to you...Life keeps getting in the way of Living.

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