Best vendor for Radeon HD 7870?

Going to buy one soon, I'm wondering which are the best vendors?
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  1. is my preference they are reliable and there prices are fair.
  2. Newegg +2
  3. Apologies, I ment manufacturer
  4. Newegg +3!
  5. Saphire ftw
  6. Sapphire or XFX
  7. HIS, Sapphire or XFX
  8. Sapphire.
  9. gamer87 said:
    HIS, Sapphire or XFX

    These are my top 3 as well.
    My reasons are:
    HIS - Cooling
    Sapphire - OC
    XFX - Warranty

    Of course they all have their own variety of cards meant to have better cooling or OCing. That's just the way I've got them built up in my mind. lol
  10. Personaly I'm an asus and gigabite fan and I know that many are praising the saphhire GPU's

    Sometimes gigabite and assus are a little more pricy but you know you get something that is well made. Asus OC utility is great too.
  11. Thanks guys, I think I'm going with Sapphire
  12. Google "7870 review" and read them. Personally I'm leaning towards Gigabyte, it seems to perform admirably in tests! Check it out before making your final decision :)
  13. y not Powercolour?

    its OC higher right?
  14. Half the sapphire cards are lemons for that model be careful read the newegg reviews and there are many others elsewhere, if you choose that brand good luck, its about a 50% chance to get a lemon even after they fixed the "problems".
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