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Hello. This pc is to be my gaming machine. I own a 55in led samsung (un55d6000) that has an 120 hertz refresh rate and gaming mode. It is to be my moniter. Price is a concern so many of the following parts are on sale. My budget is 1000usd maximum. I will be
purchasing soon from newegg exclusively. I would appreciate any input especially concerning compatibilty. I am open minded and would love to hear any ideas to help this rig produce a good 1080 for the next 1-2 years. I do not plan to overclock immediately but in time I will buy a cpu fan and an ssd to reduce bottleneck. I have tried to research what parts are fairly new and highly rated. Please tell me what you think:
i5 3570k 225usd
p8z77 v lk 125usd
gskill value 1333 2*4 gb 40usd
seagate barracuda green 1.5 tb 5900 rpm 100usd
sapphire radeon hd 7850 2gb 256usd
antec 300 illusion mid atx 50usd
ocz 700w atx12v 60usd
asus 24bst optical 25usd
Prices include shipping and mail in rebate factored in. I have this list as a public wishlist on newegg as of early 6/3. It is titled "future resistant gaming pc" Thank you for your time.
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    A reasonable build.
    Add a link to your newegg wish list. How close are you to your budget limit?
    Here are some thoughts:

    1) Are you near a microcenter? If so, they will sell you a 3570K for $190, and give you a $50 discount on certain Z77 motherboards.

    2) A 7850 is a good and appropriate card. It only requires a 500w psu. Overprovisioning is not a bad idea though.
    My short list of quality psu brands would not include OCZ. It would include Antec, Seasonic, XFX, Corsair, and PC P&C.
    Here is a Seasonic 520w modular unit for the same price.
    Keep your eyes open for sales on psu's from newegg; they happen often.

    3) For your only hard drive, I would not use a 5900rpm drive.
    For a similar price, look at a 1tb WD caviar black or a Samsung 1tb drive.
    Better yet,
    If your budget can manage it, see if you can't fit a 120gb SSD into the build. It will hold the os and perhaps 6-8 games. It will make everything feel quicker. Later if you need more storage space, you can add a slow HD for overflow and storage.
    My preference would be Intel or Samsung, since they seem to be issue free. Expect to pay $150.

    4) The stock Intel cooler is OK, but will get noisy under load.
    I suggest adding a cm hiper212 cooler for about $20. The large 120mm fan will keep your cpu cooler, and run quieter. Also, the stock Intel pushpins are notoriously difficult fot the novice to mount properly. The hiper212 has a backplate mount which is much easier, and more secure.

    5) Take the time now to download and read, cover to cover, the motherboard and case manuals. Many questions will be answered.

    ---------good luck-----------
  2. okay. Thank you for the excellent advice. I will definitely change the hard drive to a higher rpm(7200)
    or an ssd, also the psu to another brand. Things like that are the reason I asked.

    As far as a link to my wishlist I have tried but because of my inferior computer skills or perhaps due to the fact I am doing this all from my samsung galaxy tab 10.1, I was unable to.

    When it comes to compatibility where do I stand?

    For cooling I wanted a Noctua: but I am right at 940usd with shipping before rebates of course which is why I thought to just wait until later to overclock...

    Any other advice is very welcome
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