Does Radeon HD 6870 support multiple audio outs?


I'm trying to get audio out from the different outputs on my Sapphire HD 6870. This is the setup I have right now:

HDMI out > powered HDMI 1.4a splitter > (1)HK AVR 254 & (2)Asus VE278Q LCD monitor

DVI out > DVI-to-HDMI adapter > Sony KDL-60EX720 HDTV

This works OK and I get audio for both the 254 receiver and the Asus monitor but I don't get 3D for blu-ray because the Sony TV is not connected via HDMI. If I switch the 2 outputs and connect the Sony TV via HDMI out directly, then I can get blu-ray 3D but I don't get audio out from the DVI connection to the AVR 254 receiver. No matter what combination I use, I only see one audio (HDMI) connection in "playback devices"

My question is this: Does the HD 6780 support simultaneous audio outs from its 3 outputs(HDMI/DVI/DP)?

My goal is to have this setup:

HDMI out > Sony TV (for BD 3D)
DVI out > DVI-to-HDMI adapter > HK AVR 254 (HD audio)
DP out > ASUS VE278Q LCD monitor w/speakers (w/audio out)

Is this possible with the 6870 or any other AMD card?

I have a GTX 470 that can have multiple audio outs but it doesn't bitstream HD audio and have handshaking problems with the HDMI splitter.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. DVI is not capable of outputting audio, when you use an hdmi adapter with a dvi port, all you are going to get is the video.

    Unfortunately, your card comes with one DP output, rather than the traditional 2 mini dp.

    If it was reference, then you could accomplish your setup by using a mini dp to hdmi adapter for the hk avr 254, a mini dp to dp adapter for your Asus monitor, and HDMI for your TV.

    Edit: If you want the same video and audio to your receiver and monitor, then try a dp to hdmi adapter, then splitting the adapted hdmi cable to your monitor and receiver. I've never attempted audio from hdmi and dp simultaneously on my card, so I can't vouch for that, but that will allow you to have audio sent to everything.
  2. You can only choose one audio source at a time.

    right-click->System Tray (audio icon)-> "playback devices"

    Normally your onboard sound would be selected. So you would change this to the HDMI output.

    However, keep in mind that HDMI from a graphics card only decodes certain audio codecs such as Dolby Digital. There's no support for games; for games you have to use a dedicated audio chip or audio card.

    What you need to do is:
    1) Hook up the HDTV via HDMI. When you want to output a movie to the HDTV you must switch the audio to "HDMI" in the playback devices.

    2) when you use your computer as per normal to play games and use your monitor, you then change the playback device to your onboard sound (or addon sound card) which goes to your desktop speakers or receiver. (note if you use a digital coax output to a receiver you may have to configure passthrough settings in video players to work properly)

    *DVI->HDMI adapter
    Some DVI outputs support audio with an HDMI adapter. You have to use the HDMI adapter made for that card. Basically the graphics card audio decoder runs the audio to a couple unused holes on the DVI output and the custom DVI->HDMI adapter connects to those.

    Most DVI outputs just contain video. I don't have your card, but I'd be surprised if a card that already has an HDMI output also had a DVI->HDMI adapter but I could be wrong.
  3. I understand I can only choose one audio source at a time, but in my case only one AMD HD audio device show up in "playback devices". Like I mentioned in the OP, my 470 does show 2 NVIDIA HD audio devices when I have 2 separate connections via HDMI and DVI, which allows me to switch when I need to.

    I'll try what codyopj suggested and test splitting the DP output and using the HDMI for TV.
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