Core 2 duo 2.66 ghz or Pentium Dual Core G640

Hey, I am in no way 'techno savvy', and was planning on upgrading my desktop computer, and was wondering which CPU would be better for Guild Wars 2. I recently found a Core 2 Duo 2.66 Ghz, however previously to finding it I was going to upgrade my motherboard from a Socket 775, to a LGA1155, and then get a Intel Pentium Dual Core G640. So which would be better for FPS/performance?
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  1. did you already buy the core 2 duo? if not what is your spending limit on a cpu? i could recommend some good ones if yours only going to be playing gw2/gaming
  2. Well I just salvaged it from my brothers old computer so yes I do have it. Spending limit for a CPU is about $80 max, would their be a CPU out their that would be much better/if at all then a core 2 duo? Thanks for the reply

    If you plan to overclock your C2D, then I would recommend you to stick with that since you can't OC the 1155 Pentiums AT ALL. If you're just looking for a "Plug and Go" solution, then the Pentium would be the better choice :)
  4. I was not planning on OC my computer, cheers for that website, it was very useful and I think I will go for the Pentium. Much appreciated mocchan
  5. You're very welcome! :)
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