Is this worth 1400

Someone is selling this for 1400, is it worth it or could i build this for cheaper?

Intel Core i7 2600K @5.0Ghz
16GB DDR3 Ram @ 1600
Asus Maximus IV Extreme-Z Z68 Motherboard
1200W Cooler Master Power supply
2x 60GB SSD's in Raid 0
Corsair H80 Closed loop water cooling unit
500GB Seagate Hard Drive
Corsair 800D Full Tower Gaming Case
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    Not even close. You could build something better for about $300 less, or $400 if you're willing to overclock.

    Check out my $1000-1100 build here:
    The i5 3570K after an easy overclock is good enough for gaming. i7's are for people who are going to do heavy multi-threading and I'm assuming you're just gaming.
    That motherboard is a ripoff and all ROG's will always be for consumers who don't overclock like with Liquid nitrogen or something. ROG performs like normal $130-$160 boards.
    580 is old, the 7870 performs better than it for less and it's quieter, faster slightly, lower power consumption and less heat.
    RAID SSD is not so good for the SSD life span.
    H80 is a ripoff the Hyper Evo and A70 match up to the H70 which is $35 more than the listed air coolers.
  2. ahah thanks for that. I'm new to this community and every post on craigslist can make me believe its a deal lol. I'm planning on building something pretty high tech over this summer.
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  4. Haha no problem.

    Check out my build I posted in that post. But yeah we're here to help! So if you have any questions just post it here.
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