"Rattling" 6850 Fan-is it normal? Any way to fix other than RMA?

Just wondering..I recently got a new graphics card..Radeon 6850. I only occasionally play games so it is good enough for me.
The only problem with the card is the fan "rattles" and makes a noise.. It is not the "whirring" I am used to. I sold my other graphics card so if I RMA'd it I would be without a graphics card for a week or two. Is a "rattling" normal? Any way to fix it?
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  1. Unless you can determine where the rattle is coming from and see if you can take the heatsink off and fix it your self you will have to RMA. The RMA process has an option to cross-ship the item and that's where the company ships you the item and you get it and ship the bad one back , that way you are not without the video card. The catch to that process is you have to give your credit card as collateral and it will be charged if the item is not recieved.
  2. If you take it apart and you buy a new cooler if you have never done that before it could cost you the warranty on it. So if something else goes wrong then what. It sucks to wait for a RMA.

    But in my opinion it would be the best bet. If you were out of warranty then you could try to replace the fan with third party coolers. Good luck to you.
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