Need parts for first build

I am going to be building a desktop pc over the summer, and I have almost no idea what I'm doing.

I have a few parts picked out, but I need to find the rest of the parts that will work with what I plan on getting.

Here's what I have so far:




What I still need:

KEYBOARD (I have a mouse already)
SOUND CARD (I think I need this- do I?)
Network antenna (or whatever that thing that connects to wifi is called)
MONITOR (20" would be nice)

As you can see by what I already have picked out, I'm looking for budget parts. I'm hoping to build this in the $350-500 range.

And all of the parts need to both be compatible and work with the case.

Can anyone give me a suggestion?
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  1. First of all, you have an AMD motherboard with an Intel processor. They use completely different sockets and won't fit.

    Second, you have one of the best processors available, and a lousy video card. Unless it's for office use only, I wouldn't do that.
  2. capt_taco said:
    First of all, you have an AMD motherboard with an Intel processor. They use completely different sockets and won't fit.

    Second, you have one of the best processors available, and a lousy video card. Unless it's for office use only, I wouldn't do that.

    This is accurate info and should be noted

    Obviously, you've come to the right place but, first I'm going to direct you here, three videos which will answer most of your questions about building your own computer (and perhaps give you new questions).
    It will also be helpful if we know what kind of usage the computer is intended to have, ie. web surfing, video editing, office work etc... which will have an impact on parts suggested.
  3. Ok, so what if I get this processor:

    And this graphics card?

    I'm not looking to play graphics-intense games, but I want to be able to play some games that render in OpenGl, and my crappy laptop tends to heat up when playing those types of games.
  4. Take a look at this for a breakdown of how the various cards compare to each other:,3107-7.html

    But as a rule of thumb, if you're even halfway serious about gaming, $100 is about the floor for where you should be looking at video cards. HD 6770, GTX 550 Ti - around that range are the cards that are not top-of-the-line but will get you by for moderate intensity gaming. GPUs in the $50 and $60 range are generally not intended for gaming and will give you a slideshow except at low resolution and low detail.
  5. Okay, you have a good budget start there the Phenom 965 black is a good processor and will play happily with the AM3+ mobo.
    The PSU is a little overkill but it is a quality unit and the price is good.
    Couple of questions for clarification; 1) Case size - you have a micro ATX motherboard chosen so your options for a case are; Micro tower, mid tower and full tower (mid towers are the most prevelent and most used by home builders). 2) Do you want surround sound? If not, the motherboard has built in sound (which works adequately unless you're an audiophile).
    For your stated purposes, the graphics card (although on the very low end) should work fine.
    Note, I used the NewEgg links only because they have excellent descriptions of the products - you should by no means take it as meaning you should purchase from them (although they do have good prices).
  6. This is all looking good so far. As for the case, it shouldn't matter as long as it's the right size, right?

    I'm looking at this case right now. Seems nice looking, low price, and has fans:
  7. That case should work - cable management may be tricky but since it's a (hopefully) one time occurance, no worries.
  8. Now I need an optical drive that will work with all of this- is there anything specific I should look for/consider? Is there specifications needed for it to work with the case that I chose?
  9. Optical drives come down to your desires, Blueray? DVD?. I personally opt for the cheapest optical drive I can find (DVD writable, usually ~$20). No tricks to this one, one size fits all (5 1/4" bays that is).
  10. As mentioned by others I would seriously consider working out a budget for a stronger video card. Yes the card you have will get the job done, but as a primarily Runescape for many years, I know that these kinds of game companies sometimes decide to do a graphics update that can obsolete your budget computer overnight.

    At bare minimum price, this would be a very competent gaming machine:

    CPU-$120- Phenom II 965

    Motherboard- Asrock 970 $80

    Video Card- Radeon 6870 $170

    RAM-Gskill 2x4GB $47

    Case- CoolerMaster HAF 912 $60

    Power- Corsair CX500 $60

    HDD- WDC 500Gb -$80

    CD/DVD Burner- $18

    Total- $635 You can knock off 30 dollars from this figure by using the case you were looking at instead of the HAF 912 I recommended. And cut some corners on the RAM, maybe the video card just a tad. (My build is a boiler plate build I have saved- it can be tweaked as necessary) Windows7 costs about 100 dollars more, send me a PM, I can help you with that.
  11. Well guys, Thanks for the help, but I'm scrapping the idea of buying the parts separately- It has become too expensive. There's a better deal in a barebones kit:

    Now I can spend a little more on stuff like the monitor and keyboard and OS.

    And BTW, I think I should have said that the "games" that I play are oldies like Doom 2...
  12. Oh, if you're looking for oldies, I can do you a really nice build in that budget.

    Better than that barebones. (keep in mind your barebones has a lousy onboard video, even for oldies, and a questionable quality power supply)
    I have a laptop with HD3000 graphics, its terrible, struggles even with Facebook games.
    CPU+ graphics- Llano 3870K $120

    Motherboard- ASUS F1A55-M- $65

    RAM- 2x2GB- $30

    Power- Antec Earthwatts 380D- $45

    HDD- WDC 500Gb -$75

    CD/DVD Burner- $18

    The case you were looking at-$30

    Total: $383

    Check your private messages about an OS.
  13. That would be better than the Athlon II barebones kit yes, just keep in mind the GT 520 is a pretty weak video card, probably not even as strong as the Llano, either way, it should be sufficient for your purposes. That kit comes with again, probably not a very good power supply.
  14. Ok, I'm almost ready to buy the parts. I just have 1 more question- will this RAM work with the motherboard that nekulturny picked for me in his parts list?

    If not, can someone reccomend 2x8GB chips that will work?
  15. Yes they will, but honestly 16GB is overkill. Take it from me bro, I have 16GB and despite my heavy mulitasking, I've never seen Windows task manager show I was using more than 6GB at any time.
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