4890 high temp and 100% fan speed, help please !


Here are my specs :

Visiontek Radeon 4890 OC (900285) with zerotherm cooler
MSI G31TM-P21 LGA775 motherboard
Core 2 Duo E6850
Corsair HX520 PSU
Windows 7 X64 ultimate

I have a strange problem with my visiontek Radeon 4890 graphic card. I just installed this card in a HTPC build put together with somes parts of my previous computers. The problem is than the card's fan run at full throttle all the time the PC runs. The card display everyting as expected. I did install the last drivers from AMD, I also tried thoses provided on visiontek website, and also let Windows select the "better" driver available. None of those helped reduce the fan speed.

I installed this card many times before and I encountered this problem : fan would run full speed but only until I install drivers. I did tryed the card in my main computer (from wich it was first removed) and I get the same problem, drivers no longer solve my issue.

I can change the fan speed in catalyst overdrive using manual fan control... But temp shown in CCC is 100 degrees at idle, even at 100% fan speed ! I do not have an infrared thermometer to measure exactly the temp, but the card is quite hot to the touch.

So I guess my question is : Is it necessarely a hardware problem or is it possible than wrong drivers / bios drives the temps and fan at 100 degree / 100% fan speed ? If this is hardware, the culprit is most likely the temp sensor, is it integrated in the AMD chip?

I dont get it, I removed this card from my comp 7 days ago and it was working perfectly.

So far I tried to reseat the card and the cooler, I Also cleared motherboard CMOS, I'm sure both pci-e power connectors are well connected, and than
my PSU delivers enough power to run this card.

Anyone had this kind of problem ? Anyone has some hints that could help me ?

Thanks a lot !
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  1. cesartichaud said:

    So far I tried to reseat the card and the cooler,

    Can you describe what you did here? My initial guess is that the GPU heat sink is full of dust.
  2. I lifted and pushed back the card in the pci-e slot, and I removed the cooler from the card, applied new thermal paste and cleaned the heatsink fins. The sink is clean without any dust...

    Thanks for your answer, but I'm still puzzled.
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