600T corsair case acting up

I've had this case coming up to 6 months now. It's been amazing. Recently I got a gpu cooler that I hooked the fan to the fan dial of my 600t case. About a week later I'm now experiencing some problems. I noticed one time while I was playing a game and had my fans on the lowest setting, which I commonly do, that my fans were making odd noises. They were fluctuation, both in speed and light. I don't know if I can RMA it, or how RMA works. I don't have the box for the fan anymore and I'd prefer not to have any down time. Anyone have any solutions or ideas?

PS. I turn off my computer for a time and unplugged my 750w psu for a while. I then turned back on my computer to have the case running at 100% fan speed constantly as if it's ignoring the dial which is set at the lowest speed.
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  1. If you check out the Corsair support forum you'll find that a number of people have had issues with the front panel fan controller knob.


    I guess the best work around would be to unplug you fans from the controller and connect them directly to you motherboard and use 3rd party software to monitor and control your fans.
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