EVGA Step-up, GTX 680 ref or GTX 680 SC+

Hey guys so a few weeks ago i decided to submit a step up to EVGA (GTX 570 SC to GTX 680) and today I noticed that the GTX 680 SC+ came out on EVGA's site, if I cancel my step up and create a new one only with the GTX 680 SC+ instead will that be a completely different queue so I won't start all over at #500 something?

Right now GTX 570 SC---->GTX 680 Ref.
Queue #443

if I

GTX 570 SC---->GTX 680 SC+
Lower queue number???

Thanks :D
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  1. bump?? :)
  2. That card is not available in the step up program. Only the ref card is listed for step up availability.
    that's a good place in queue I'm 789... :(

    I wish I could step up to the 3GB version.. oh well.
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