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I want to upgrade my E8400 and ordered asus P8H77-V with an i5 3570 (non-K version).
After ordering, i read some threads discussing heat issues on the new IB CPUs. Do these heat issues
apply to the normal 3570 which is not beinc OC`ed or only K version?

Am I better off cancelling the 3570 and order an i5 2500 (same price), or perhaps waiting for next gen?
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  1. Get 3570 stock heatsink is enough without overclocking
  2. the heat 'issues' are really related to overclocking, and in this sense they are 'issues' when compared to the 2500k for example, which would OC way cooler than the 3570K, for example.

    for non-k i5's even with maxed out turbo boost, heat isnt really an issue even with stock cooler. stick with the 3570 because clock-for-clock i think it is accepted that IB's are maybe a few percent faster and slightly more power efficient.
  3. As have been said Intel's Ivy Bridge Hotter Than Sandy Bridge When Overclocked http://www.tomshardware.com/news/ivy-bridge-overclocking-high-temp,15512.html

    As you won´t overclock then the i5 3570 is a bit better than the i5 2500.
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