Troubles With Corsair CX430

I bought this PSU half a year ago even back then it was making a high pitched noise although I decided to ignore it. Now It's much worse, my PC turns off spontaneously every now and then most likely due to my PSU crapping out on me.

I boot my PC by holding the power button until the HDD starts spinning and then I have to wiggle the 24 pin connector a bit to get the other components to start up.
Once all the fans are spinning after multiple attempts I turn it off and wait until the high pitched noise goes away.
Then I promptly boot it up again hoping it will do the trick.

I hope I can fix it myself, since I bought the all components overseas from Newegg.
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  1. My advice is to just replace the PSU. You do not want to damage any components on your Motherboard while trying to sort this out.

    Unless you are trying to learn something from this, everything you explained sounds a bit strange.

    What components have you bought from Newegg ?
  2. Radeon 6870,
    Corsair CX430,
    8GB Team Elite 1333MHz,
    Asrock micro-atx,
  3. Yeah the HDD doesn't spin right away, at first only the PSU fan powers up.
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