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I'm new to building computers and this would be my first build, what do you thing about what i have come up with?
Case-NZXT Phantom
CPU- i7 920
GPU- Nvidea GeForce 580 or Nvidea Geforce 570
Motherboard- asus p8z68
Power Supply- Corsair TX750 V2
RAM- Vengence 8G
Hard Drive- Western Digital 1 TB
OS- Windows 7 64 bit
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  1. you cant put an i7-920 in that motherboard as its a socket 1155 board and thats a 1366 cpu

    you need something like a 2500k cpu

    other than that its ok
  2. What is your purpose of the build and what is your budget?

    You should fill out the sticky at the top of the New Build forum page so we can help you better.
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