I think i might have got into a corner here, help please

Ok, So i just finished a new build, fresh hardrive and a hd 6870, sadly the motherboard doesn't have onboard GFX.

So, after installing the GPU i found it could not send out a signal, i thought the card was broke at first but then i realized that the problem might be that i have no windows installation to load basic drivers from. is this my problem?

How do i install windows with no video output? D:
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More about corner here please
  1. It will display without drivers in bios
    You will need to get display to work
    Check that you have the 6pin power connectors connected to your card, also have u tested your screen with another input ?
  2. technically you don't need to install any video driver to it work, it should work at low performance without video drivers, just plug the video card, install everything (pci-e cables etc) and plug the monitor on the video card, this should work...
  3. You should see a POST running without any software at all. The 6870 requires 2 x 6 pin power connectors, you should make sure that they are connected. If you hear the beaps from your motherboard durring the POST and don't see anything its likely that the video card is the problem. Try swapping it out if you have one around to try. If you don't have one then be sure and check that your power supply has enough juice to power the thing, and that your motherboard supports it, and then send it out RMA to get a new one to try.
  4. Thanks for the responses people. I do have both 6pins connected, before i did forget to connect the second one before turning it on and the fans were spinning extremely loud. I have since connected that one and the fans are running properly too. The display definately does work with the same cables as i use it for my Xbox too. do you think i might have borked up the card doing that?

    I don't hear any POST beeps, however the CPU fan and the harddrive are seen to be spinning up properly :/ I just connected everything together and, because i'm pretty new at this i /might/ not have connected the "beep" speaker? what is it normally labeled as?

    I was suggested to remove the mobo battery, disperse the extra power and reinsert it but it did nothing.

    this is the PSU i'm using




    could any of these be the problem
  5. Please explain what you mean with onboard GFX. What is it you want help with? Normally the computer uses universal graphic drivers from the pool untill you install the GPU drivers, there is no way to install that driver before Windows. What sort of cable do you use to the screen? Have you plugged it into the right port? Are you able to get inside BIOS (Delete key after booting sound) and see whats on the screen? When does the screen become black?
  6. The beep sound is often coming from the small speaker (comes with the motherboard) you plug in in the upper-right 4 pins above the P LED cables that is installed in the motherboards low-right corner against the SATA ports.
  7. Ok i'll try and simplify my problem as my english is pretty bad, sorry.

    My motherboard doesn't have intregated graphics.

    After installing XFX HD6870. With both 6pin connectors my display shows no signal and returns to sleep mode

    I thought maybe this was because i have no windows installed yet. Seems not

    My Mobo manual suggests that i should hear 1 beep and 2 short beeps for a graphical error, however i hear no beep at all. Do i need to install a speaker or does my motherboard have one allready (confusing part to me)

    So i don't know if my graphics card is bad, or my motherboard. Cd-drive works, HDD spins and fans both CPU and GPU work. no display. If i am to return, what to send?

    I have one stick of 4gb in the slot closest to cpu, problem? should try other slots?
  8. Ok, so small speaker comes in the box? I must have missed this. I will look for and see for beeps :)
  9. You should really read your manual.. :)

    As for the RAM.. read your manual also.. It will tell you the correct configuration.
  10. gary1 said:
    You should really read your manual.. :)

    As for the RAM.. read your manual also.. It will tell you the correct configuration.

    Sorry, but speaker came with case. Was confused what was for. Know i know :)

    As for ram, manual is confusing and i don't really understand it :/ throws a lot of numbers at me and doesn't really explain much to me
  11. pluggin only one pci-e pin while the video card requires 2 can really cause problem, but since this happened even before the drivers were installed should not be the main problem but there is always a possibility...

    this is hardly a motherboard problem, it can be GPU or Screen but if the screen works in other devices almost sure it is the GPU;

    the motherboard beep would apear if there was a connection problem with the pci slot or somekind of short circuit in the slot. if the videocard is burned the motherboard will not notice it.
  12. So there is no way of knowing if the problem is my motherboard or the GPU?
  13. Well make sure everything else is good before returning it. Downloading the manual now, will see what it says.
  14. Try the ram in the second physical slot which is actualy the first slot on most board(electricaly)
  15. is bad ram or placement really result in no bios screen at all? In old pc when ram went bad. It got to bios to inform.
  16. Well i plugged the speaker into the F_panel. i think it is in the right place but no beep at all
  17. Bad RAM most definatly cause no booting. and every PC for the last 10 years would have the same result with bad RAM

    it can however fail in many ways. some totally stop working, others cause blue screens when you try to load windows.

    There should be a specific spot for the speaker and should be on the F_Panel (where your power button & LED's are)

    when you totally remove ALL your ram do you hear beeps?
  18. I just breadboarded pc, just ram, gpu and processor. No beep. Took out ram, no beep. also with gpu. so likely motherboard is doa? and should rma?
  19. wait! problem seems to be fixed! took off heatsink and reinserted processer. gets sucessful boot and display! yay.

    Don't know how it fixed though. maybe i was too rough on the fidgetty heatsink clamps
  20. Should be something very wrong with the cpu xD.

    Something good for you to know, saw that on newegg Feedback:

    "Cons: I bought this for a amd fx 4100 because it was in the supported cpu list for this board.....what they didnt say is you have to update the BIOS to a beta version before this cpu will work correctly on this board.I figered out the problem 2 days before I was even contacted by customer support"
  21. Please take some time to write a list of what you got both inside and outside the PC-case in the members profile (your own profile) so we can see it. For inspiration go to my own or other users post, click "more information" and "member configuration", there you will see exactly what I use and what I use it to. Dont get too detailed and start writing every single device say your motherboard have (SATA2 and 3, 1394, RAID, Dual BIOS etc). Just write manufactor, model number, size/speed, socket (for CPU, ex: i7 960 socket 1366 for Intels CPUs) and how you have configurated it (ex: SSD:2x Corsair Force GT 120GB RAID 0 (System Disc). This will make it much easyer for us to help you.

    If you only have one RAM it must be inserted in the first (nr 1) RAM socket/port. That one is always called port 0 (is texted on the MB itself) and is always placed on any as far away from the CPU on the right side as possible on every ATX motherboard. Micro-ATX and E-ATX (extended ATX) can place sockets and other things on other places and look different but its still the same rules.

    Make sure you dont have drown the CPU with thermal paste, it should be just a thin "line" on the surface that leans at where the heatsink is in contact with the CPU. Take every components out and press it down firmly so it sounds "click" on both sides of the RAM and GPU. The RAMs can sometimes requere some hard voilance before both side holders snaps up the whole way, DONT push those holders up with the fingers (a misstake I and every PC builder have done a coupple of times before we learn and understands)!

    Good luck!
  22. thank you. but problem fixed! Expect it was a bent pin on cpu for some reason. took of heatsink and whole cpu came off with it with latch closed, very bad but was able to rectify luckily.

    and to above post. I have RAM module in port closest to cpu, sucessful boot and plays all games well. should still open up case and move or leave alone?
  23. Leave it if it works and choose one of us as best answer. Really happy that we could help you and that you now can use your PC :-)
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