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What is the best cluster size to use on a HD? I was thinking 16k for the best speed/slack ratio but would I see a real speed increase if I used 32k?
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  1. more info please.
    A. size of drive or partition in question.
    B. type of format? (fat16, fat32, ntfs)

    assuming your dealing with fat32, the larger the cluster size the quicker the drive is finding the data on average, cauz its got less clusters to look through,
    but as you fill the drive you will loose more space to unfilled clusters, and a higher likely hood that files become fragmented.

    My Hamster has 512MB of SDRAM @ 150Mhz CAS 2!
  2. I was thinking three fat32 partitions on a 40GB drive. One 5GB for WinMe, One 5GB for Win2K, and the rest for games MP3's etc.
  3. well for the 5gig partitions you can use 4k, or even 2k.
    same for the win2k partition.
    or i suggest you go for NTFS on that one... unless you transfer alot of data between the two.
    as for the 30gig partition,
    i would suggest NTFS, but thats just the advice of my win2k junkie hamster beside me :)
    and u cant access a ntfs partition from win98.
    so i would go for 16k or 32k clusters.
    typically when u do a standard format of a fat32 drive the cluster size depends on the size.
    eg. up to 4gig = 4k clusters
    4 to 8gig = 8k
    8 to 16gig = 16
    16 to 32gig = 32 etc

    your call on the last one.
    as drives are pretty fast nowerdays u could use 16k happily. less space wastage

    My Hamster has 512MB of SDRAM @ 150Mhz CAS 2!
  4. On this one, it all depends on how many files you have on your disk (and their sizes). If you've got 9000+ files on a 2.1Gb partition, you'll probably be better off with 4k clusters than 16k. I use system commander, and it shows me in the boot setup options, just how much space I'll reclaim. With your large partition, if you've going to have 800-2000 files, heck I'd go with at least 32k clusters if not 64k. But as soon as you go to install the 'full installation' of Unreal Tourney, Aoe2, and Black and White, you'll chew up disc space like everything because of the little 4k files.
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