First Build budget 1600-1850

Approximate Purchase Date: Within the next two weeks.

Budget Range: 1600-1800

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming (BF3, Skyrim and games like such) Streaming my games to, editing youtube videos, streaming netflix.

IN REGARDS TO SYSTEM USAGE: Streaming will of course include games at the same time, I will also be running skype and or itunes while I stream..... so will my build be able to handle the extra stress?

Preferred Website for Parts: Most will be bought at frys.. not ordered but bought in store, and the motherboard at a store here in Town.

Country: U.S.A

Parts Preferences: Video Card Must be Nvidia.... Processor must be intel..... Motherboard must be supermicro.

Overclocking: Maybe processor.

SLI: If I get enough money yes I will.

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080

Motherboard: $170
Processor: $340
PSU: $200
RAM: $90
HDD: $110
Blu-Ray: $ 80
Case: $90
NO WATER COOLING... I don't know how to set it up that is why I chose the case with 10 fans :DDDDDDD

VIDEO CARD HELP: I want the 680 or the 670 for sure but.... I have multiple choices here they are

Which one is best for my needs ??????? :(

Monitor: Monitor 1. Vizio HDTV 120 Hz 1080p Monitor 2. Some NEC Monitor my dad used to use when he made commercials NEITHER IS INCLUDED IN BUDGET.

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  1. First off, scrap the i7. The i5-3570k is better for your needs and saves $130.
    Secondly, you won't need a 1050 watt PSU, even for 2 680's. A quality 750-850 watt PSU will be enough.
    I'd go for an ASUS GTX 670, then SLI in the future.

    Not sure how good that particular case is, but I would reccomend either getting the Corsair Carbide 500r or the Coolermaster HAF XM as both are highly recommended and are only $30 more.
  2. Have to keep the i7.. my dad won't let me get an i5 LOL.. but he is giving me 100 for it so its worth it... I liked the asus as well because of the cooling.. the case was because I am not getting liquid cooling... so I needed tons of fans which that case has.... Thanks
  3. I need a blu-ray so the DVD only wont work ..... and if you tell me my build isn't great.. share what you dislike about it please... I'd rather read your input... not your build you made on a website.. Thank you though.. and I will take the ASRock mobo into consideration
  4. THANK YOU haha... so is the CPU Cooler seperate then?? I thought it would come with a cooler.... I just used the coolermaster PSU because it was the same as the case maker... I like antec better and will go with them.. I actually just read the P67 is pretty much discontinued as well, to bad supermicro doesnt make a z77.... also if you read in my uses for the rig you will see editing is also in the top 3.... PLUS I know the video card matters alot more than the processor so I am willing to make that sacrifice.
  5. Is the Coolermaster PSU Silent Pro?
  6. Yes
  7. Would I need a new heatsink as well with the CPU Cooler
  8. Bump... I need a quick reply on the new build right above this post... going to buy tomorrow
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