A gpu monitor gadget that works with a 79XX series amd card

just got a hd7950 today and have always used the popular gpu meter for windows 7, but now the only thing it recognizes from the gpu now is that it is from ati ( yes i know it's really amd but the gadget says ati). so does anyone know of a gadget that is updated to work with the new amd cards.
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  1. i do use that one as my overclock tool, but its not quit practicable for gadget like use, and i do have the beta as well.
  2. Oh I see, you're looking for a desktop gadget. Sorry, I don't think they really keep those up to date with the latest and greatest.
  3. yeah i've tried three so far and none recognize the card, guess thats the down side to having the latest
  4. I can't even find one that recognizes my 6870, so its not just a latest and greatest problem.
  5. I see that Afterburner has a tray icon and on screen display configurable to show real time stats. Not what you're looking for, but its something.
  6. hey thanks guys for your replies i just decided to shrink the afterburner graph down and us it as a monitor gadget. not as nice as a real gadget but works
  7. If you have a logitech device with an LCD, you can also send things to the LCD through MSI afterburner (this is what I do).
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