Hd 6950 vs gtx 570 stock and future benefits

hey guys how are those two compared in stock?
both are 1gb
ive looked this chart,Prix_fpricex200b350,2968.html but are the cards in the chart overclocked or stock?
also looking for its future benefits like updates for better performance, xfire or sli?
not looking to overclock i would like the cards to stay healthy.
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    I would say that overall the GTX570 is better, it is comparable to a HD6970, but the HD6950 can have its BIOS flashed to perform like a hd6970, but as you are against overclocking I doubt that will be one of your choices. However the GTX570 is better, and nvidia cards (at least from that generation) handle tessellation better, amongst other things. Are you only choosing between those two, because now there are newer cards out there?

    Hope this helps
  2. get 7870 instead!
  3. The HD7870 even outperforms the GTX580 in certain benchmarks. It is only about $40 more than the GTX570, and will be much better.
  4.'s worth it.
  5. yeah im only gonna be choosing between those two. i really got a nice deal with those at $235 each new. shop says they r selling it cheap to make way for the new models.
  6. the 6950 is from xfx and pny. will be able to overclock those cards to par up with a 6970? sorry for this noob question :D
  7. ^nopes!
  8. You can flash the BIOS of the HD6950 to one of the HD6970(it will make the HD6950 perform close to a HD6970), but even then the GTX570 is better in my opinion. It is on par with the HD6970, but it still does better with tesselation, and you have things like CUDA, and PhysX. With the HD6950/6970 you have eyefinity which allows you to have more than two displays connected to a card.
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