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hi all i have a problem with my new build any help would be very helpful
asus crosshair v formula thunderbolt
16gig ram(2 x 8 gig) i now its overkill lol
corsair h40 cpu cooler
windows 7 64 bit
asus radeon hd 6950

now the problem iam having is the graphics card up to the job as i cant play battlefield3 it crashes all the time also windows is unstable at times (iam not playing with the setting )if it is the graphics card i have $400 to spend on a new 1 and any ideas on a new 1

thanx richard
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  1. That graphics card will run BF3 just fine. Does your computer crash only during BF3 or during other applications as well? I suggest that you run Prime95 for a couple of hours and see if it crashes or spits out any errors
  2. Check everything, make sure everything is fine. Test all the components and see if all is fine.
  3. What is your power supply? I'd suggest you check temperatures with HWMonitor (downloadable from, while running FurMark and Prime95 stress tests simultaneously.
  4. 4 sticks of RAM can be problematic. Try using only 2 sticks (in like colored slots). you may have to up the DRAM voltage a bit (0.05 to 0.1 over standard voltage) to maintain stability. download & run MEMTEST86.
  5. power supply is 800w iam running all the tests and all good soo far
    have just run furmark (the run in test ) and got 17157 frames, 19 FPS, 74°C score 1749 soo thinking the graphics card is ok
  6. Did you run burn in test? Does it pass at least 30 mins of it?
  7. Sunius said:
    Did you run burn in test? Does it pass at least 30 mins of it?

    yes everything was ok
  8. If you only got 19FPS Average then something is obviously wrong unless you enabled MSAA but even on that card it should run around 40FPS & 64C max temp such as mine does and I run a 6870. The problems you are experiencing sound like software issues, like something is running your system into the ground, possibly a virus, but you never did answer if this happens to you outside of games and without those answers it's really hard to try to diagnose the problem.
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