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I do not really have much of an idea when it comes to monitors so I thought i would use this forum to see if I could get a few good recomendations to make a more informed decision.

I have a laptop but it does not leave my desk. The laptop is still powerful enough to do everything I do on a computer so no point in building a desktop for the next 12-18 months.

I would like a good monitor to attach to the laptop to give me a much bigger display which is my only gripe at the moment.

I would like the monitor to be high quality so that in 12-18months time when I build my next desktop PC I can use the monitor I buy now to save some cash.

Laptop - Alienware MX17 R2
Video Card - ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870
Price limit - $400

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Man... I don't get why you want to get an Alienware laptop. It's just a laptop with fancy casing and big ads so you look cool with the laptop. But you got ripped off... there is much better companies which sells custom laptop which will not rip you off :lol: LOL jk...

    I'm sure a large 1920x1080 will do well for you. Here is what I would probably get for that price tag:

    If you want 3D, 120Mhz, you can get this monitor but smaller than above in size:

    Also, third option is, run monitors in eyefinity (3 Monitors at the same time). Because as far as I know Mobility 5870 supports eyefinity. You can buy 3 of these:

    ($35 more than your price limit though, but oh alright..)
  2. Thanks refillable I appreciate it, I will take a look at those monitors.

    I agree for the most part in regards to the Alienware, however computers only last me a few years at most so it is no big deal to try things out IMO.

    I will be going back to building my own desktops for my next PC but for the mean time this computer will still get the job done for the next 12-18months.

    Thanks again.
  3. It's OK regarding to alienware :).
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