Need new CPU Heatsink/fan

I was cleaning my computer and i bent/snap/broke all the legs of my cpu heatsink/fan. Currently it is not seated properly and I'm idling at 48-52c and gaming is reaching near 70c. It used to be at 30-35c when idling.

I'm currently using the stock heatsink that came with my cpu and need a new replacement. However I have no clue what to buy that will work with my motherboard and CPU.

Any advice?

Mother Board:

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    1 stop running your computer

    2/ the Coolermaster hyper 212 evo is $30 on newegg
  2. your computer is fine running those temps. if they get above 90 you should start worrying. intel isnt going to let its chips run too hot.
  3. I'll give this a shot. thanks for the quick reply.
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