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Hey guys ! I was having a problem with watching videos, thought the problem was on my Video Card. I ve upgraded it, I also have changed HDD and PSU in the same time. But just realised the whole problem was on my cpu. Its just 51 degree celsius and 100 % overloaded whenever I wanna watch something in HQ. Even now inm having problems while writing this question to you guys. Its keep stucking. Cant write it in normal way. My system is : AMD Athlon x64 +3200, 550w PSU, 500 GB HDD, ASUS HD 6570 1gb RAM DDR3, ASUS M2N SLI DELUXE. New OS so dont have problem s as virus or trojan but just in case i ve scanned the whole system. Its clean. Please help. Thank you !
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  1. Do you have any background programs running, My Mcafee runs scans sometimes and brings my temps up
  2. Yeah just Chrome and that doesnt take a lot. I have 3 GB of RAM, its not a big deal. Just want to solve this overload problem.
  3. It single core, time to upgrade. Check task manger to see what is taking processor %.
  4. There are a few things to try:
    Try VLC player, it is less demanding than Windows Media Player. Also, make sure your hard drive has some spare space ~10%. If it is full, performance will be crippled. Defragmenting the hard drive may help a little bit to.

    Open task manager and check individual processes. There still may be a background process running. If the player is above 80% there is not much you can do but upgrade.

    Give your pc a good clean, all heatsinks, filters, meshes. And if you are willing, redo the thermal grease. This will not reduce the load but at least the temperatures should improve.

    If you are willing to upgrade, I would get an i3 and a H77 motherboard to go with it.
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