Issues setting up eyefinity

Hello, I am attempting to set up eyefinity with two 20" 1600x900 monitors. Every time I try to, it tells me "The only displays that can be added to the display group belong to extended desktops. Click continue to disable the extended desktops."
I click continue, and it doesn't continue.

I have disabled the second monitor via Windows settings, and it still persists.

It seems that the Vision Engine Control Center cannot manage my desktops at all. It seems to be stuck into thinking that I have two monitors with extended displays, while I am running with only one monitor active at the moment.

I have two 6870's crossfired, and this issue has persisted through several times reinstalling windows 7, I just haven't been worried about it until now.

This has me stumped, and a tiny bit frustrated.

Edit: Forgot to mention, my drivers and CCC are up to date. Both monitors are plugged into the same card, and I've had this issue before I had the second card to crossfire with.
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  2. Do you have at least one monitor connected to a displayport?
  3. Hey, I was just wondering if you managed to sort out this problem? I am stuck with exactly the same problem!
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