Corsair AX850 with APC Smart UPS

Hi! new member here with an extremely noobish query! :hello:

I am building a new system & here are the specs:

Processor: Intel Core i7-3770
Motherboard: ASUS Sabretooth Z77
RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws 16 GB F3-12800 CL9Q-16GBZL
Internal Hard drive (storage): Western Digital Caviar Green 2 TB HDD internal hard drive
Internal Hard drive (boot): Intel 520 series 240 GB SSD
Internal Optical drive: ASUS DRW-24B5ST internal optical drive
Power Supply Unit: Corsair Professional Series Gold AX850 PSU SMPS
Fan: Corsair H80
Graphics Card : EVGA NVidia GTX 660 Ti 3GB
PC cabinet: Cooler Master HAFX Full Tower Cabinet
Monitor: Dell UltraSharp U2410 24in Monitor
Speakers: Creative Gigaworks T40 Series II
UPS: APC Smart UPS SUA 1500i (International Model 230V)

My query is how to connect my PSU (Corsair AX 850) with my UPS (the APC SUA 1500i)?

The problem is with the connectors of the UPS & the PSU, which seem incompatible to me.

The UPS has a standard C13/C14 socket, but Corsair AX850 seems to have a connector that I can't seem to fit in anywhere in the UPS.

Here are the photographs:

Am I missing something obvious?

Please help me....
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  1. Huh? That's strange.
    I have the same PSU and I have the standard plug that can be plugged in almost any UPS (including all APC UPSes, of course).

    (Sorry for ultra-shitty quality of the pictures, I don't have my smartphone and my camera near me right now, only some very old pre-2005 phone with crappy camera on board)

    Hmmmm...didn't you have an adapter (or another power cable with a different plug) in the package? If not...well...I've checked my package, and there was an adapter for the kind of the plug that you have (even though we don't use that standard out here), so if you don't have that...maybe RMA it for the same model, but with different kind of power cable plug?
    It can happen sometimes that they could've forgot to add the adapter, or the right plug, in the package.
    If you do decide to RMA it, just tell them that you need a change for "AX 850" model that has the power cable with exact same plug as the one that you see on my photo.
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