Searching a graphics card under 100$

Hey please give me advice of graphics card under 100$
i have intel core2 duo 2.93ghz with 1gb ddr2 ram,1360x768 res.,motherboard g31,320 hdd.
i have nvidia geforce 9400gt but it is not good for me..i play games only of ps2 and psp with pcsx2 and jpcsp.
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  1. you can look for 7750 OC/6770~
  2. I'd say a 6670/6770/gt 555/gtx 260.
    But you won't be able to play many games with only 1 gig of ram.
  3. A GT 9400 is roughly 50 TDP so I guess something in that price range and power usage would be a Radeon HD 6670/6750 or if you prefer Nvidia a GT 440. I can't suggest anything higher than that without knowing what power supply you have first.
  4. I wasn't away that the emulators would really make use of stronger gpus.

    They are mostly going to use cpu emulation so Getting a more powerful gpu might gain you very little.

    The 6770 would be the best card for under $100.

    If you read this you'll note that this emulator has several rendering options, the LEAST efficient is a software mode using the CPU mainly, so yeah it does use the graphics card.

    However with emulators it's possible that some cards work better than others so maybe some research is in order?

    I don't know much about it, but I agree that the HD6770 is probably the best card for that price. I tried emulation once and gave up. At the time I could buy a PS2 with controller and lots of games for $100.
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