No internet after connecting until I wait 1 min

I have 2 computers that, once connected to my Motorola router/cable modem (combo box) do not have internet (yet an IP and access to the router config page) until I wait a minute or so. This doesn't happen on my other computers. One computer is connected via ethernet, realtek adapter (in the gigabyte GA-P55A-UD3 mobo) and a d-link switch, and the other is connected via wifi 802.11n, realtek adapter (thinkpad x120e). If I wait a minute or so it works fine. Otherwise, Chrome gives me a DNS error. Do you guys have any idea why? Thanks!
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  1. Oh, and the laptop sometimes randomly starts giving DNS errors, but not always. Also, the desktop seems to have far less of a problem with this (I don't have to wait as long) as the laptop, but I always keep the laptop in sleep while I shut the desktop down fully when I'm not using it. I don't know if that has anything doing with it - I've heard sleep can be problematic.

    In case you're wondering, I'm using wifi channel 11 (definitely not 6). I also have some 2.4Ghz wireless phones, I was getting connectivity issues when the phone was in use, and the issues were only prevalent with channels 1 and 6. I don't live in an apartment, and I only detect weak signal of other networks with inssider; Windows usually just shows my own, occasionally a neighbor's.
  2. Really, does no one have any idea?
  3. OK, in that case, if no one's willing to help me, I'll quit helping others here and I'll just leave and go to another forum. Good bye.
  4. You have a DNS problem check you have the right dns server using the routers ip address as dns server if you are using a custom dns server in your router settings.
  5. This happens on 2 machines, one is using the default DNS settings, the other the google DNS servers. Note: I didn't set anything for ipv6, just ipv4. Not that comcast is entirely ipv6 ready anyway. This only started when I switched to a new router+modem combo unit (Motorola) and got a new ISP (comcast) - previously I had a dlink router (and a seperate included dsl modem) and ATT internet. Both were that way.
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    Find the DNS server addresses in your router and change the DNS settings on one of the affected systems so that they specify those DNS servers for use by the local machine, instead of having your router handle all of the DNS queries. While you're at it... flush your DNS resolver Cache via the command line: ipconfig /flushdns

    If that doesn't help, have a look at this thread for a couple of very useful DNS tools from Steve Gibson over at GRC. Perhaps using some different DNS servers will also help.
  7. The problem seems to have solved itself. I noticed that when I turned off MSE when I had problems, I could connect again. It seems that after some updates, the problem is gone.
  8. Very strange... though I certainly won't argue with the results. Glad to hear it's working again!
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  10. I seem to have a similar problem. I'm using a Dlink powerline ethernet connection and I had no problems with my past and other computers. I currently have to wait several minutes (usually around 5 mins) until internet works on my computer. The taskbar shows that the computer is connected to the internet but internet doesn't work until then. There is no problem with the router, its just this computer.
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