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Nvidia 7300le and nvidia 210 silent(ASUS)

i have hp compact dc5750 small form factor and i have 7300le nvidia graphic card it fits perfectly on the slot but it doesnt work the screen go blank and the monitor shuts down i dont know what is the problem the graphic card worked perfectly on my previous one. i am thinking of buying asus en210 silent and wanted to know that it will work on my pc or not please reply me soon ...... thank you my id is
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  1. It should do but so should the one that you say doesn't. Also don't post your email address in forums you will get massive amounts of spam.
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    make sure your psu is powering your video card, make sure your video card don't need extra power plugs (so you need to plug them), make sure you have connected the monitor to the video card outputs besides the motherboard one;
  3. Thanks Guys I figured it Out!!!
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