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this is my first time posting here but i do lurk tomshardware quite a bit, i've looked to solve a "problem" with my i5.
the vcore voltage seems to drop quite a bit. im running an i5 2500k stock 3.3 voltage, p8z77-v, corsair enthusiast 750v, evga 670sc, 8gb corsair vengeance.

under gaming load the voltage stays constant, watching videos, under light load the vcore voltage just keeps moving around, the current value drops as far down as 0.23v and a max of about 1.21v. the system never shuts down by itself or flickers etc.
only 2 things come to mind as the culprit 1) bad psu, 2) the mobo is messing with this voltage. since it has a power saving feature for the cpu its under volting it more than necessary for an SB, an IB would be fine under these cuts.

either way the system runs but its annoying.
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  1. I doubt it would run at .23v

    Just a reporting error.
  2. Intel has features called speedstep and c1e, which downclocks the cpu when idling to 1.6ghz and ~.95v to save power and lower heat. It has no affect on performance. If you are getting .23v your pc would be unstable and freeze or shut off, I suspect it is an incorrect reading. I would suggest using cpuz and/or hwmonitor. Cpuz can tell you your actual realtime cpu speed.
  3. http://i47.tinypic.com/6zy49d.png

    straight out of hwmonitor
    i know its just an image but i have seen the current value way under 1.00v . ill try and get a screen shot when it happens.
  4. sounds like a reporting error, not just from the cpu voltage, but also look @ cpu fan speed - max 44rpm? that can't be right
  5. Most of them are incorrect readings, use the asus software.
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